Compliance Services and Secretarial Assistance

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What does PwC offer in connection with Secretarial Assistance?

PwC handles changes to legal documents as well as reporting of these to the relevant authorities. PwC receives the enterprise’s mail and handles filing and storing of the enterprise’s documentation.

What are the advantages of using Secretarial Assistance?

  • Correspondence with the Danish authorities is handled by PwC.
  • The enterprise will have a permanent contact person, and there will always be a back-up person.
  • All formal papers are prepared by PwC according to current legislation.
  • PwC ensures compliance with formal deadlines.
  • PwC undertakes the 5-year duty of custody.

Secretarial Assistance assignments offered:
  • Preparation of minutes of general meetings and supervisory board meetings in Danish and English.
  • Filing of company changes with the Danish Commerce and Companies electronically (digital signature).
  • Typing of changes to articles of association.