Executive Education by PwC

PwC Executive educates and develops high-potential managers and leaders so that they in turn can unfold the potential of their business and the people they lead and work with. This, in a sentence, is our philosophy.

About PwC Executive

Results from the 16th Annual Global CEO Survey show dedicated executive development programs as a top priority for successful leadership. Read more about the 16th Annual Global CEO Survey here

High-end professional service organizations within industries like life sciences, finance, energy, clean-tech, etc. are part of a sophisticated and multi-dimensional universe. Managers within these industries have to often deal with moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the delivery of service vis a vis industry profitability and market share. These industries are also facing unprecedented pressure to continuously improve performance levels while sustaining corporate social responsibility. For these reasons, dedicated executive development programs have become a top priority for successful leadership.

Program Offerings

Open Enrolment Programs:

To deepen your understanding of the various factors that come into play in this management universe, PwC Executive offers programs which address needs across all dimensions of the value chain, in the form of both short 2-3 day certificate programs, and longer 5 -10 day diploma programs. These programs are aimed at capturing present and potential trends in industry on a continuous basis.

All programs include a mix of plenary sessions, and rigorous use of case studies and team exercises. Each program offering is complete in itself and can be taken individually or used toward earning an Industry-MBA (i-MBA).

The aim of PwC Executive is to serve each industry in depth, providing a choice of general strategic management as well as specific topical offerings. The programs are designed so that they can be mixed and matched to provide a holistic strategic perspective or taken as stand-alone offerings to develop or brush up on knowledge in a particular area.

There is particular emphasis on applying the lessons learned in a real-life value-creating situation in participants’ home companies.

Company Customized Programs:

PwC Executive also delivers company customized programs, based closely on the philosophy followed in our open enrolment diploma and certificate programs.

These customized programs, designed and delivered in close partnership with companies, can be used to address a wide spectrum of the company’s global face since participants can come together from across the value chain, as well as across a geographic spread including headquarters and affiliate organizations. The diversity of experience and of national and work cultures enabled by a program design customized to your company’s needs provides a synergy that would be difficult to create otherwise.


PwC Executive boasts state-of-the-art auditorium facilities especially designed for executive education, well-appointed group rooms which facilitate intense and private group work, and an atmosphere designed for close-knit networks.

Executive Education by PwCExecutive Education by PwC

The ambience is exclusive and modern with large sheets of glass mirroring the waterfront, with a view across the strait to Sweden. Located on Strandvejen in Hellerup, the building forms the anchor of the newly designed waterfront area with its spectacular signature architecture visible in the buildings around the waterfront canals.

Steering Board

All executive programs are designed with advice and guidance from a Steering Board of executives. Board members represent senior management within their own companies and provide guidance on the latest industry trends, and their own perspective on the most pressing needs for executive education.


The programs are offered only in English and are taught exclusively by faculty from the top-ranked, internationally accredited business schools globally. Exam standards, review and feedback are all at an MBA level.

Request for a Meeting

If you want to discuss anything in person, or if you would like to arrange a meeting, you are welcome to contact the Partner of HR Consulting Services, Søren Røssel.