Executive Network

Executive Education educates and develops high-potential managers and leaders so that they in turn can unfold the potential of their business and the people they lead and work with. This, in a sentence, is our philosophy.

About Executive Network

PwC facilitates executive network groups aimed at building close relationships and providing networking opportunities and personalized leadership training.
The concept of Executive Network is aimed at strategic and leadership development for executives through leveraging our expertise and existing services within innovation, change management, leadership, finance strategy and operations.

Results from the 16th Annual Global CEO Survey show dedicated executive development programs as a top priority for successful leadership. Read more about the 16th Annual Global CEO Survey here
  • Join Executive Network and meet your peers, the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Spar with your peers regarding real-life business issues that are directly applicable to your current challenges.
  • As a Network Member, meet and get to know the best faculty from the top, internationally accredited business schools from Europe and North America
  • Chart your personal path to the top with the help of the faculty you meet and the Executive Network programs we offer.
  • Build your own future PwC Top Executive Group with your peers.


PwC Executive boasts state-of-the-art auditorium facilities especially designed for executive education, well-appointed group rooms which facilitate intense and private group work, and an atmosphere designed for close-knit networks.

The ambiance is exclusive and modern with large sheets of glass mirroring the waterfront, with a view across the strait to Sweden. Located on Strandvejen in Hellerup, the building forms the anchor of the newly designed waterfront area with its spectacular signature architecture visible in the buildings around the waterfront canals.

Request for a Meeting

If you want to discuss anything in person, or if you would like to arrange a meeting, you are welcome to contact the Director of PwC Executive, Shubhada Watson.