Company Customized Programs

PwC Executive delivers customized programs for private and public organizations based closely on the philosophy followed in our open enrolment diploma and certificate programs. These customized programs, designed and delivered in close partnership with companies, can be used to address a wide spectrum of the company’s global face since participants can come together from across the value chain, as well as across a geographic spread including headquarters and affiliate organizations. The diversity of experience and of national and work cultures enabled by a program design customized to your company’s needs provides a synergy that would be difficult to create otherwise.

The Executive Education programs are offered only in English, and are taught exclusively by faculty from the top-ranked, internationally accredited business schools globally. Education, review and exam standards are all at an MBA level.

By partnering with PwC Executive, you can get a program design specifically tailored to your organization’s most pressing needs taught by top-rated faculty hand-picked by you. Throughout the entire design and development face, we will work closely with your management to ensure a program delivery meeting your organization’s exact needs.

Company Customized Programs Lundbeck

A Customized Program for H. Lundbeck:

A customized program for H. Lundbeck involving the design, development and delivery of a Global Marketing Academy to meet the following goals:

  • Develop a commercial division that is best in class
  • Develop and sustain a “Lundbeck” approach to marketing
  • Lay the foundation and structure for a unified marketing culture
  • Strengthen the global marketing organization’s capabilities and skills

The Global Marketing Academy was designed in close partnership with Lundbeck management, and comprises a series of program modules custom built for Lundbeck. The modules represent Lundbeck’s values as well as the marketing pillars which form the foundation of commercial operations at Lundbeck.

The program faculty was recruited from the best, internationally accredited business schools in Europe and North America, complemented by senior advisors form PwC and the industry. Program content, review and feedback are at an MBA level.


Takeda Global Supply Chain Innovation Program

A customized program for Takeda’s global supply chain organization focusing on the latest trends in supply chain management. The program focuses specifically on how to look at supply chain management innovatively – both with an outlook toward mature markets as well as emerging markets. The program teaches participants to structure their supply chain into five core disciplines:

  • Strategy: View your supply chain as a strategic asset
  • Process: Develop an end-to-end process architecture
  • Organization: Design your organization for performance
  • Collaboration: Build the right collaborative model
  • Measurement: Use metrics to drive business success

The program is taught by world-leading faculty complemented by senior advisors considered the world’s leading experts in supply chain management.