Diploma Program
Innovation, Change and Commercial Excellence (dICCE)

The dICCE program is well suited to any specialist, manager or executive who wishes to update and refresh his or her knowledge of commercial innovation, marketing, customer insights, branding, and communication across the extended value chain of the organization.

Achieving Commercial Excellence

Companies must continuously re-evaluate their marketing and positioning efforts in order to stay agile in today’s swiftly changing market. This executive program provides a foundational understanding of the building blocks needed for companies to succeed in today’s global marketplace and understand the notion of innovation across the value chain – especially the notions of speed of decision making, a balanced pragmatism of outlook, and maximizing output vis a vis limited resources.

The program will focus on understanding the entire spectrum of your customers, on customer and market research, on finding customer insights, and on commercial innovation. We will highlight how you can find new ways to leverage customer insights in your organization, and we will therefore work on defining and understanding the voice of your customers. The program will also focus on the various aspects of communication and social media that are crucial to companies in establishing a leadership position in the market.

Program Experience

5 days including 4½ days of teaching, case studies and exercises with faculty from the two top, internationally accredited business schools in Europe and North America, and a final wrap-up day of critical review of a real-life business situation with senior advisors and industry experts with a view to applying the lessons learnt in a real-life, value-creating situation in participants’ own companies.

Tuition Fee: €7,500 (excl. VAT)

Fees cover all course material and food during the program. Travel and lodging expenses are not included. Tuition is charged per a graded scale. Two participants from the same company warrant a 10% reduction in the overall tuition. Three or more participants from the same company will warrant a 15% reduction in the overall tuition.

Request More Information

If you wish to discuss anything personally, you are welcome to contact the Program Director, Shubhada Watson, at shw@pwc.dk or +45 2031 0617.