Master of Intrapreneurship and Business Transformation (MIBT)
- Offered as an industry-MBA

To build upon the success of our flagship programs in intrapreneurship and business transformation across the value chain, we now offer a Masters degree to include a broader focus on transforming businesses at their very core, using the concept of intrapreneurship as the cornerstone of this transformation.

The Master's Degree is an alternative to a full-fledged executive MBA. It is shorter and more flexible than an executive MBA since it does not require a fixed chronology to complete its curriculum and participants can pick and choose modules of most relevance to the part of the value chain that is pertinent to them. A mix of diploma and certificate programs allows participants to accumulate credits toward the MIBT. This includes programs in intrapreneurship and business transformation, supply chain innovation, finance and commercial excellence. Each program module offered is complete in itself, and can be taken individually or used toward earning credits for the Masters degree. 

Earning the Master's Degree requires accumulation of the equivalent of 60 points on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). No fixed order is required except for the final step which can only be undertaken after completion of the first three. Candidates will have two years to complete the curriculum.

The Master's Degree thus entails the following 4 steps:

Diploma Program Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Business Transformation (dIBT) € 9,100Certificate Program Finance for Executives (cFE) € 7,200Certificate Program Innovation and Commercial Excellence (cICE) € 7,500
Individual project work € 12,800
Total € 36,600

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