Who are our members?

Executive Network members are high performing executives from a variety of industries. We offer our members a personalized leadership development path via executive training and sparring.

Examples of profiles:

Vice President - Research-based Pharmaceutical Company, Group Executive Vice President – Global Engineering Company, Senior Director - International Biotechnology Company, Group Manager - Waterproofing Technology Company, CFO – International Construction Company, Director - International Jewelry Company, Partner - Law Firm, Director – Global Manufacture Company , Director - Insurance Group, Director – Global Company, CEO - Private Equity Real Estate Company, Partner – Public Law Firm, Senior Director - Investment Company, Senior Vice President – International Communications Solutions, Head of Section – Public Sector

A focused admissions process

We therefore have a focused admissions process – aimed at matching the seniority and experience of network members – in order to create real synergy in the network, and for the members to be able to spar and bond with their network peers.