Pharma mini MBA

Daniel McCarthy

Director, Commercial Portfolio Development
H. Lundbeck A/S
  "I thoroughly enjoyed the week I recently spent at PwC Executive attending the Intrapreneurship program. There were many things I enjoyed about the week, but what I am perhaps most impressed with is the fact that since completing the course I constantly have the opportunity to reflect on and apply the lessons I learned... and not just 50 or 60% of what was taught, but all aspects of the program were highly relevant.

The information was presented by experts in the field, but more importantly they were passionate about what they did, which not only made the program very enjoyable but made the information stick.

Aside from the pure educational aspect, overall it was simply a very nice week. The PwC Executive facility has many impressive features (not least of which is the excellent cuisine) but what really makes a difference is the fact that the Program Director truly takes pride in what she does. Not only does she personally attend to the needs of each individual in the program but she also goes to great lengths to create a very nice atmosphere for learning and team building, unlike anything I have seen in other similar programs."


Pharma mini MBA


Pernille Singer

Director, Project Management
Global R&D


  "Participating in the ”Life Science Intrapreneurship” program at PwC was an energizer for me.

In a time where we are constantly striving to innovate more with less, it was very good to be challenged on your traditional and often bureaucratic way of thinking, looking at yourself through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

It was valuable to gain insight into ways of embracing risk and uncertainty in order to capture new business opportunities. And it was good to be reminded how to succeed with transformational company changes.

Throughout 5 intensive days, the program participants were inspired on how to apply entrepreneurial spirit within the boundaries of their companies. The lectures were provided by a team of some of the best faculty from top Business Schools.

It was a pleasure to participate in the program, which I can highly recommend to other managers within high-end specialized service and technology industries working with innovation and business development."

Pharma mini MBA

Kirsten Drejer

Symphogen A/S
  “It was my pleasure to be part of the first mini-MBA program entitled: Life Science Intrapreneurship put in place by SAM Life Science International and PwC Executive.

I very much appreciated the high quality lectures given by top professionals from world renowned Business Schools combined with ‘spot-on’ case studies reflecting every-day-life as a CEO in a Biotech company.

It was five very intense days and evenings of work with many well-known and also new lessons learned, all presented in a logical and structured manner. The program provided me with a theoretical overview which often times is lacking during a busy day of ongoing businesses.

I can highly recommend this program to other executives who want to get a brush-up of how to do a proper business analysis.”

Mini MBA for Pharma

Ton Berkien

Director, Corp. Developement/M&A
  “The LSId Diploma Program provided a very good mix of all aspects that are needed to run your “own shop”, whether the organization is small or large.

Being or becoming an entrepreneur with realistic and sustainable expectations means being profitable, knowing your future clients and making sure that partnerships are in place to succeed.

Pharma mini MBA

Patrik Gavelin

Chief Innovation Partnership Manager
  “This executive course has an international faculty of high quality. Especially refreshing was the part elaborating on venture capital drivers for investing in entrepreneurial start-ups and the learning’s that can be made for larger organizations.

In addition, the simulation team exercise in the evenings was a challenging and well constructed case having all the elements taught during the week.”