How do we create value?

PwC develops and shares knowledge within a wide spectrum of industries and business areas and this knowledge is made readily available to members of Executive Network in order for them to stay up-to-date on the hottest topics and trends and to allow members to network and gain knowledge from the many professionals who use PwC’s capabilities on a daily basis.

Executive Network provides tools to its members in order to stay –up-to-date with current business trends, and also aims at enabling a culture of co-creation so that members can use each other to spar on the most pressing topics and individual challenges throughout the year.

Members are given a log-in to the Executive Network site which enables them to access and share the latest tools within global business. This includes articles provided by the leading business schools in the world, updates on the most recent developments within business trends, and a discussion forum where members can share their work experiences and challenges.

The portal also prepares members for upcoming and recent meetings, with access to the case studies and articles used for meetings as well as the materials and presentations used in meetings by faculty and experts from the leading business schools and companies in the world.

In addition to the meetings and events available to you through your membership in the Excutive Network, please also note other PwC offerings such as the Global CEO Survey and the CXO conference.