What does our membership include

Executive Network is a network for the leaders of tomorrow. The Network is created to develop your personal path to the top with the help of experienced faculty and sparring with your peers regarding real-life business issues that are directly applicable to your current challenges.

Executive Network focuses on co-creation between members, and as a member you are obliged to bring your own opportunities and challenges to the table in order to create a targeted dialogue and sparring. Through large forum events, smaller network group meetings and informal activities, the membership aims to provide you the necessary tools to develop as a leader.

The membership consists of:


Twice a year, you are invited to attend a full day facilitated by faculty from a top rated business school in Europe or North America. The day will give participants insights into the latest research and industry trends in a given area.


Twice a year, Executive Network members will meet with their respective network groups to discuss a case or topic. The group will have experts as facilitators in conjunction with the topic. The meetings are during the evening after work hours, where PwC provides the facilities, a speaker and dinner.


As well as the meetings you have access to through your membership, please also note other PwC events such as the Global CEO survey and the CXO conference. Read more here


Request More Information

If you wish to discuss anything personally, you are welcome to contact the Program Director, Shubhada Watson.