About us


We create value through dedicated, high-quality client service and our profession's most talented people - supported by the strongest brand.


We are the assurance, tax and advisory firm in Denmark that creates most value to our relations.

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In Denmark we are approximately 1,700 employees in 16 offices.


We live on the basis of three core values: Excellence, Teamwork and Leadership.

We strive to include these three values in all what we do – internally as well as externally. They constitute the foundation of the way in which we want to run our business.

Our clients

PwC’s clients are Danish enterprises and organisations as well as international groups with activities in Denmark. We have broken down our clients into four market segments:

  • Top Tier (100 largest enterprises in Denmark)
  • Mid Tier (the next 101-999 enterprises)
  • SME (the remaining small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Public (public enterprises and organisations).

Code of Conduct

PwC's Code of Conduct is a set of rules serving as guidance in respect of the organisation’s business conduct and assisting the employees with maintaining ethical behaviour all over the world.