Audit & Assurance

How do you select an audit firm? Many individuals, enterprises and companies on PwC's client list have chosen us because we offer the largest global network of accountants. Obviously, this is not a competitive parameter in itself – but because we are also attentive to all audit details, it makes sense to think big.

One single point of contact backed by a full team of experts

No two jobs or clients are alike. That is why our services are customised to the individual client. When you choose PwC, we will assign a staff team that matches your needs and requirements. A team with the necessary experience, industry knowledge and insight into the specific issues that characterise your company’s situation.

You will have one primary point of contact who keeps the broad perspective and deep insight throughout the audit and review of your annual report. If assistance is required from experts in some of our speciality fields, your contact will make sure that such assistance is obtained – locally and internationally. That makes the audit efficient, providing you with professional and value-adding sparring.