International Tax Services

Multinational as well as smaller businesses in Denmark are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world. Understanding the impact of these developments on business operations and transactions between countries is vital for a company's success.

We are experienced in addressing these developments as well as all aspects of international taxation, and with a global network combined with local experience we are able to structure your business in a tax-efficient manner, both locally and globally.

Your challenges:

  • When planning to expand into new jurisdictions you need to know how to set up your activities in a tax efficient way
  • How to set up tax effective financing structures
  • Benefit from EU tax law as well as Danish income tax treaties
  • How to repatriate profits from abroad tax efficiently
  • Keep on the top of legislative and regulatory developments in countries you are doing business in
  • Develop and maintain an effective exit strategy

How we can support you:

  • We can provide you with advice on tax efficient holding company locations
  • We can identify different ways to tax efficiently structure and finance your business in Europe/Denmark as well as ways to manage risk through business-driven tax planning
  • Our knowledge of European tax law is extensive, and we can provide you with assistance to help you fully benefit from your rights under EU law. Moreover, we can help you benefit from Danish income tax treaties (approximately 80 treaties in force)
  • Recommend different profit repatriation schemes from abroad and help you plan the carry forward of losses
  • By keeping you abreast of new developments within the international arena that affect your business
  • By applying our vast experience in assisting clients with issues concerning e.g. cross-border structuring, capital gains taxation, CFC legislation and thin capitalization on your business.

Please contact us if you want to discuss further our services. We are more than pleased to set up a meeting with you and discuss how to optimize your company’s international tax position.

If you read Danish, please find more information on Tax in Denmark.