PwC's Executive Education

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PwC's Executive Education team helps enterprises train and develop their executives to ensure that these realise their full potential and deliver the best possible results.

We develop our tailored programmes in close cooperation with the individual client, enabling us to ensure that the design and delivery of a programme are based on the individual client’s challenges, needs and preferences. In our view, working closely with our clients throughout the whole process enables us to create high-impact value.

We offer subject-matter expertise and comprehensive experience in the development and training of executives. In cooperation with our clients, we ensure that the executives have the tools necessary to enhance their performance and create superior value for the enterprise.

Our approach


By developing our programmes in close cooperation with the client, we are able to tailor our services based on the client’s strategic challenges, needs and development ambitions.

Global network of expertise

Our global network of clients, industry experts and faculty of the leading business schools and universities around the world enables us to draw in the best expertise and newest knowledge in a wide range of disciplines.

Strong in-house competencies

Our long experience in the field has allowed us to build subject-matter expertise in tailored executive training – from design to development, delivery and evaluation.

Support throughout the process

Our programmes are supported by a custom-designed online programme website; this website and our team of professional programme managers help ensure a successful handover.

Implementation and anchoring

PwC’s Executive Education team forms part of PwC’s Advisory business; this provides a unique opportunity for internal knowledge sharing. Also, it enables us to constantly be at the cutting edge of executive training and development and ensure efficient and effective implementation and anchoring of programme learnings.

Quantifiable results

To ensure that we achieve the desired results, we offer workshops and assessments before and after our programmes. This, in combination with an ongoing dialogue with the client, aims to ensure that the programme brings the desired changes and value to both the participants and the enterprise.