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In PwC’s Executive Education, we work in close collaboration with you to develop successful leadership for the future of your organisation.

Prepare for the future with PwC's custom-tailored executive education programmes

The world of business is characterised by an increasing degree of complexity and an unprecedented pace of change, driven by the rapid technological development. This causes executives to be faced with an increasingly complex leadership challenge. They have to navigate and lead their company by combining a focus on both growing the core business while transforming it for the future.

In PwC’s Executive Education, we help our clients gain the knowledge, inspiration and insight to be capable of recognizing which of the continuous developments and changes that are critical for them to respond to, and to make the strategic choices that enables executives to lead and develop the company accordingly.

Together with professors from the world’s leading business schools, we have developed a unique concept of custom-tailored executive education for executives globally. We believe that in order for an executive education programme to create true and sustainable impact and value for your organisation, it needs to be custom-tailored to the unique strategic priorities, ambitions, and development needs of your organisation. The way we do this is by working in close collaboration with you from beginning to end to ensure that everything from content, structure, format, communication, and the delivery resources we bring in on the programme is helping you achieve your goals and create real results for your business.

Solve strategic challenges while building new capabilities and mindsets

Our programmes are designed as high-impact workshops, where the executives are working actively with their strategic challenges together while building new competencies and mindset on the basis of state-of-the-art knowledge within the content of the programme. As an integrated part of the programmes, we work with the direct application of learnings in the daily work of the executives in between the face-to-face learning elements. This is how we ensure that the learnings from the programme are implemented to create true business results for the company.


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Impact through customisation and co-creation

PwC’s MBA Partner, Søren Røssel tells more about how we help companies educate and develop their leaders to gain advantage, experience and foresight

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