Oil & Gas activities in Denmark

Exploration companies & oil producing companies

We are the leading service provider for oil companies operating in Denmark and have been for more than 20 years.

From the date you acquire the license you will be subject to the Danish oil and gas taxation regime.

We assist the majority of the oil and gas companies operating in Denmark on tax compliance and tax advice.

We understand the rules and how they impact your business.

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Rig companies / Seismic vehicles

If you perform drilling activity or geophysical in Denmark, offshore or onshore, you will incur Danish tax liability.

We have long lasting experience on compliance and structuring for rig and geophysical companies in Danish waters.

We can assist you with compliance and tax planning to optimize your Danish tax position.

Operating in Denmark may also have personal tax consequences for the people on the rig. We assist with crew matters as well.

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Service providers

If you provide support functions for the oil and gas industry in Denmark you may incur Danish tax liability.

We provide assistance on both compliance and structuring on corporate as well as crew related matters.

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