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Greenland Oil & Gas / Mining industries

Greenland Oil & Gas

Having been for many years the no. 1 tax advisor to the upstream business in Denmark, we have taken our industry edge to Greenland.

Our expertise extends not only to license holders and operators, but to all companies operating on the continental shelf servicing the upstream business.

License holders

We have taken our unique insight into the offshore upstream business to Greenlandic waters. We understand your farm-outs, your tie-ins, your abandonment tax challenges, and we have advised on the majority of them in the Danish realm, of which Greenland is a part.
We maintain excellent relations with both the Greenlandic tax authorities and the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum. We engineer new forms of involvement for small and medium sized players. Being on a first name relation with virtually anyone who is anyone in both the industry and the government agencies, we also facilitate partnerships and secure clearance of new forms of tax and business models.

Rig operators, seismic surveyors and other contractors

We assist a number of companies contracting with license holders for a range of services from seismic surveying to mud logging.
From your Greenlandic contract, be it even the mere activity of sailing a vessel onto the Greenlandic continental shelf under contract with a license holder, you will become liable to Greenlandic tax. Greenland’s sometimes unusual tax rules and its poor network of tax treaties expose you to tax risks, including double taxation. With us by your side already from bidding for work, we can tailor the optimal tax structure to your particular situation to minimise your tax leakage, as well as advise you on the tax cost relative to your bid.
Should you have entered the market without the optimal structure, we can help you sort out things past and position you going forward.
Not only will you become tax liable to Greenland, so will your employees. We can assist you with their relevant personal tax issues as well at competitive rates.

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Greenland mining

We are a leading strategic tax advisor to the mining industry in Greenland.

As the only tax advisor in the Danish realm with a sizeable team dedicated to natural resources, our understanding of the mining business and its relation to the Greenlandic tax system will add value to your business.

So will our close relations with key players and authorities.

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