International Tax Services

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Multinational businesses are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments throughout the world. Understanding the impact of these developments on business operations and transactions between countries is vital for a company's success.

The current OECD BEPS project marks the most significant change to international tax in modern times. The announcements will have a big impact on global firms, whether through greater compliance demands or affecting how they are structured.
Corporate tax has never been so high on the public and political agenda.

PwC's international tax services group is experienced in addressing these developments as well as all aspects of international taxation. Our teams are able to help you structure your business in a tax-efficient manner, both locally and globally.

Potential issues

  • You need advice on tax when structuring a group of companies
  • You are planning cross-border acquisitions, disposals or reorganisations
  • You are a Danish organization looking to expand overseas
  • You need to manage intellectual property and intangible assets in a more tax effective manner.

How we can support you

  • With effective and tax efficient cross-border strategies for both Danish and overseas investments
  • Our knowledge of EU tax law is extensive, and we can provide you with assistance to help you fully benefit from your rights under EU law
  • We can help you benefit from Danish income tax treaties (approximately 80 treaties in force)
  • We can apply our vast experience in assisting clients with issues concerning e.g. cross-border structuring, capital gains taxation, CFC legislation and thin capitalisation to your business
  • By keeping you abreast of new developments in BEPS and within the international arena in general that affect your business.

Our services include

  • International structuring services
    • Group restructurings
    • Acquisitions and divestments
    • Alliance agreements
    • Establishments of activities abroad
    • Permanent establishments
    • Withholding tax / beneficial ownership
    • Global intangible property planning
  • BEPS: Assessing the impact on your business
  • EU tax law
  • Tax Strategy
  • Legal Entity Rationalization
  • Total Tax Contribution surveys
  • Tax Transparency
  • Private Equity Fund investments
  • Controlled foreign companies (CFC) taxation and planning
  • Interest limitation rules
  • Binding rulings
  • Assistance in cases with the National Tax Tribunal
  • Tax treatment of financial instruments
  • Tax advice for Financial Services Companies, including FATCA
  • Taxation of funds/foundations.