Tax Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax consequences are of significant importance to most business transfers. It is important to investigate both the historical tax issues and how to optimise the structure for tax purposes, especially in connection with cross-border transactions. There are many pitfalls, but the possibilities are also extensive. We deliver high quality sustainable solutions which are based on your business requirements.

Challenges in connection with tax mergers and acquisitions

The following are examples of challenges in connection with business mergers and acquisitions and tax:
  • The strategic goals should not be obstructed by tax restrictions
  • The transaction must be structured effectively to structure financing of debt including repayment and to prepare integration and exit
  • The possibilities of deducting interest expenses must be optimised in several countries
  • The transaction must be finalised quickly
  • The structure must fulfil both accounting and regulatory requirements
  • Management and key employees must be retained and be offered incentives from day one

Get tax mergers and acquisitions under control

Within tax advisory services, we are the biggest and most efficient M&A network and offer advisory services at all stages of the transaction cycle. Our techniques within analysing, implementing and structuring transactions are among the most advanced. Our work is integrated with Financial Transaction Services in respect of due diligence assignments. We can assist you with:

  • a tailored due diligence process suited for your requirements in respect of security and information
  • analysing the influence of future tax payments on the value of the acquired businesses
  • structuring the transaction optimally for tax purposes, including optimisation of cash flows in the entire life time of the investment
  • obtaining binding rulings to cover material uncertainties
  • ensuring that post-deal integration is prepared
  • how best to handle tax in the purchase agreement and in post-closing statements
  • cessation and establishment of joint taxation
  • correct and optimal tax and VAT treatment of transaction costs
  • everything from establishment of a tax optimal incentive structure to fine tuning of existing agreements.

We have many years of experience as advisers in connection with acquisitions, mergers and restructuring of small, medium-sized and large enterprises.