For many businesses, the payments of VAT and duties to the state budget are higher than corporate income tax. VAT rules have to be complied with and you need to have the required documentation – both with as little trouble as possible. The VAT payments and refunds need to be planned with an eye on the cash flows. The last but not least, a good VAT strategy means that your business does not pay unnecessary VAT and that you get refunded the VAT you are entitled to.

Get PwC to help you with using the possibilities for optimising and avoiding the pitfalls.

We can help you with:

  • Assessing whether your company needs to register for VAT in Denmark as well as taking care of the registration procedure itself.
  • Applying for a VAT refund in Denmark.
  • Preparing and filing the Danish VAT returns as well as reports to VIES and Intrastat.
  • Developing and structuring a VAT strategy and planning of your company’s transactions.
  • Adjusting ERP-systems upon implementation or changes to the company’s transaction flows.
  • Updates and adjustments to procedures and routines e.g. in connection with new legislation or VAT practice.

VAT guide for non-Danish businesses

Get answers to your questions in this practical guide to Danish VAT for foreign businesses. It is a relevant guide for businesses involved in taxable transactions in Denmark, or intending to start up activities, which bring along a need to comply with the Danish VAT legislation.

Be prepared for Value Added Tax in Denmark. Read our VAT Guide 2015

You can get an overview over the Danish rules for input VAT recovery here: Danish VAT deduction rules


VAT refunds for non-Danish businesses

Get answers to your questions in connection with the refund of Danish VAT.