View this page in: Dansk Below we set out PwC’s policy for the processing of personal data provided by you when visiting the PwC website and using the various website services.

PwC’s collection of personal data

We collect personal data voluntarily provided by you on PwC’s website or to which you give your explicit consent.

When is collection made

When you visit, we will always notify you prior to processing your personal data. You decide whether you wish to provide your personal data. The use of services on PwC’s website, such as booking of meetings, requests for PwC to contact you, use of our whistleblower function or job applications, requires, however, that you provide certain personal data. This also applies if you register for courses, events and newsletters.

We may offer you the opportunity of participating in interactive forums where you may communicate with other visitors to the PwC website. Before using these facilities, please read our disclaimer regarding the use of PwC’s website. Any message you send online can be read by anyone with access to the forum in question, and PwC does not assume any responsibilities in this respect.

Information collected

The personal data collected by PwC may comprise your name, e-mail address, company address, title as well as other identification data and login if assigned in connection with the use of PwC’s services.

Purpose of the data collection

PwC collects your personal data in order to be able to perform registration procedures or provide a given service to you, register you for requested facilities and to send you newsletters and other information relating to our business and services, if requested. Moreover, PwC collects your personal data for internal market analyses and statistics. Only at request will you receive e-mails or other communication from us, including newsletters, proposals, etc. You may at any time notify us that you do not wish us to contact you in future.

PwC’s disclosure of personal data

Personal data will be disclosured to entities and enterprises owned by PwC only, including subsidiaries and associates. Without your explicit consent, personal data will not be disclosured to any external party unless in accordance with law. PwC will neither use nor disclose personal data to any party for marketing purposes, including advertising e-mails, unless you have requested and consented to this.

Third party data processors

PwC may choose to use data processors, and your personal data will therefore be passed and stored by third parties engaged by PwC to process your personal data on behalf of PwC. Data processors use your personal data for the specific purposes only for which the data have been collected.

PwC uses the following data processors when you apply for a job or register for Dialog via

     Lumesse A/S
     CVR No 29 32 26 00
     Islands Brygge 57
     DK-2300 Copenhagen S.

     Subsero A/S
     CVR No 26 11 26 21
     Toldbodgade 36 A
     DK-1253 Copenhagen K.

PwC imposes on these data processors the obligation to treat your personal data as confidential and to take the necessary technical and organisational security measures to ensure that data are not accidentally or illegally destroyed, lost or corrupted or come to the knowledge of unauthorised persons, are misused or otherwise treated in conflict with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Storing of personal data

PwC will store personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected.

Protection of personal data

PwC endeavours to protect in the best possible manner the quality and integrity of personal data. PwC has implemented security measures in this respect.

Right of access to data processed by PwC

You have the right of access to your personal data processed by PwC. You moreover have the right to object against data collection and against further processing of your personal data. You may contact us at this e-mail address.

PwC’s use of cookies

Our website uses ”cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the web browser on your computer, smartphone, iPad or any other device you use for net surfing when you visit our website. Cookies enable the recognition of your computer etc and collection of information about your net activity including what sites and features are visited by your browser and ensure that the website works in technical terms. In some cases a cookie is the only way for a website to work as intended. A cookie is a passive file and it cannot collect any information on your computer, spread computer virus or other malware. Cookies are anonymous and contain no personal information. Cookies are used by almost all websites.

Read more about PwC’s use of cookies here: Cookies.

Confirmation or deletion of personal information

If you wish for PwC to confirm or delete your personal data which PwC has collected about you, or if you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you may unsubscribe using this e-mail address.