AI: What it really means for your business

Watch og re-watch one or more webcasts on how your company creates value with AI, manages risks and deals with ethical issues

Companies have been using AI technologies for years. But as new AI technologies rapidly evolve, they have the power to reshape industries and transform today’s businesses.

How can AI improve your business? How can you leverage Generative AI? And what are the risks and ethical questions to consider?

Watch or rewatch one or more of the webinars and get inspiration on how you can and should use AI.

Mads Nørgaard Madsen

Host: Mads Nørgaard Madsen

Mads Nørgaard Madsen will host the webinars, where experts will discuss interesting topics and cases in AI. As the head of PwC's consulting, Mads brings substantial experience to the discussions. In addition to his professional roles, Mads is a dedicated tech enthusiast with over 30 years of hands-on experience in exploring advanced technologies.

Practical Expertise
Gain practical insights on how to implement AI in your organization effectively.

Insights and analyzes
Receive global and Danish perspectives on the latest developments in AI.

Cases og interviews
Explore real-world experiences
from successful companies leveraging AI.


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Watch the full interview with Jim Snabe: The new age of AI

As a global business executive with years of expertise in AI technologies, Jim Hagemann Snabe sees GenAI as an absolute game-changer. Learn more in this interview

  • How GenAI is reshaping the landscape
  • Why you have to jump into the race 
  • Why companies should focus on large language models
  • How to deal with risks and prepare for regulation


Re-watch the AI webcasts

AI Agenda 2024: Navigating The EU AI Act

Watch or re-watch the webcast where we explore the AI Agenda in 2024, unraveling the EU AI Act and its implications for businesses. You will get practical insights into the ethical use of AI with PwC’s Responsible AI framework. To set the scene, we delve into perspectives from over 4,000 chief executives through PwC's 27th annual CEO Survey, shedding light on the realities of generative AI.

Jim Hagemann Snabe

Guest: Jim Hagemann Snabe

Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman at Siemens and Northvolt, will be joining the webcast and sharing his views on reinventing business with AI.

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Generative AI: Capture the value and reinvent your business

Watch og Re-watch the webcast where we talk about how Generative AI already is transforming how we do business. Learn how you can unlock the enormous potential and leverage generative AI in different areas of your business.

Mette Kaagaard

Mette Kaagaard,

Mette Kaagaard, the CEO of Microsoft Denmark are joining the webinar to talk about how Generativ AI will transform companies.

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AI Case Study: Digital Twin

Watch og re-watch the webcast where PwC's experts delve into an AI case study, unveiling the transformative power of digital twins in pharma. Explore how this technology reshapes testing methods, potentially shortening trial periods.

Philippe Pinton

Guest: Philippe Pinton

Philippe Pinton, SVP and Global Head of Clinical and Translational Sciences at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, will be joining the webinar and talk about the their use of Digital twin now and in the future.

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Lessons learned by implementing AI

Watch the webcast where we dive into practical experiences from successful projects, navigating effective AI utilization and addressing key risks. Through hands-on examples across diverse industries, you will gain valuable insights for your next steps with AI.

On March 13, 2024, the European Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act. In this webinar we will also explore the Act's implications for businesses and how you can effectively prepare for the upcoming regulation.

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Implementing AI in tax and legal functions with a focus on the Harvey legal AI solution

In this webcast we will dig into PwC's extensive experience with the implementation of AI in tax and legal functions. The discussion will cover PwC's successful implementation of Harvey (an open AI based legal AI solution), live use cases and how to implement AI in tax and legal functions to reap the benefits of AI in the most simple and IT light manner.

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