Carlsberg – Change 2.0

The Situation

Carlsberg Group is a global FMCG organisation with approx. 45,000 employees and operations worldwide. After outsourcing several Finance and Supply Chain processes and establishing a global shared services centre without capturing much benefit, Carlsberg realised it needed to build change management capabilities and increase cross-cultural collaboration. Carlsberg challenged PwC to develop a ‘state-of-the-art’ change management approach, playbook and toolkit.

What we did

Applying PwC’s People Centric Change approach and the latest research within change management, PwC worked closely with Carlsberg to develop a new change management approach, playbook and toolkit, tailored to the client. The process included translating theory into practice, and transforming resource-intensive and complex stakeholder, change readiness and impact assessments into a fun and interactive game and a user-friendly playbook with various ready-made tools and templates for easy analysis, reporting and visualisation.

The Results

The end product develops change management competencies in a fun and interactive way, using a business context, language and interface that is intuitive for project managers and other users who are not change management experts, but need to apply change management in the work they do.
Several project managers and change managers were involved in the design and testing of the game, playbook and toolkit, resulting in ownership and commitment to the new way of working. Response has been excellent and Carlsberg is currently rolling-out the new approach and toolkit across all its shared services programmes and projects.


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Preparing for a coming change and mobilising one’s workforce is as an example not enough, if management and employees experience low engagement, motivation and/or change fatigue.

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