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Global mobility (inbound and outbound secondment)


The purpose is to provide services in connection with the handling of tax liabilities, tax qualification, calculations, etc., compliance assistance, including various applications to the Danish tax authorities and/or other authorities, the preparation of tax returns and the procurement of forms and various applications.

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Data subject

The client and/or the client’s employees.

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Categories of personal data

PwC processes non-sensitive personal data, including names, telephone numbers, job positions, employer names, workplaces, employee IDs, employment and rental contracts, current and past addresses, hours of travel and work, bank account details, marital relations and information about children, information on shareholdings, pensions, salary and benefits as well as property information.

PwC processes sensitive personal data, such as religious affiliation, sexual orientation (wedding
certificates), membership of trade unions and health information, in connection with the calculation of church tax, deduction of contributions to religious associations, calculation of deduction of membership fees and contributions to trade unions / unemployment funds. Moreover, PwC processes information on taxation of employer-paid health treatments.

If assisting the client in assessing a potential tax dispute and sanctions, PwC will process data on criminal convictions and offences.

In addition, for the preparation of tax returns, PwC will process civil registration numbers.

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Legal basis for processing

The processing of personal data is necessary in order for us to perform the agreement with our client or implement measures at the client's request prior to the conclusion of the agreement, see Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

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PwC collects personal data directly from the client and/or any third party, e.g. public authorities.

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Period of retention

PwC retains personal data for ten years, counted from the end of the calendar year on which a tax claim may be enforced, unless special circumstances require shorter or longer periods of storage. Such circumstances include that a claim is threatening - or has actually been made.

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PwC will disclose personal data to Danish and foreign authorities, if required by applicable law.

In addition, we engage data processors, including IT suppliers, to whom we make personal data available. PwC enters into data processing agreements with all data processors to ensure appropriate security.

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