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Nordic Battle of Treasury - FX hedge decision

Watch or rewatch the webcast

Watch or rewatch the webcast and get inspiration on ...

  • how your TMS can provide relevance in a FX risk management context or does it only serve accounting purposes?
  • how market data support your trade decision making and do you have a sufficient Mark-to-Market overview?
  • how to get a smooth setup allowing for evaluating the FX forward term structure and arbitrage alternatives?

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In the Front Office, there might be multiple tools in place that are used to identify both cash flow and balance sheet exposures. This data might reside within the ERP, budgeting tools, or simply within Excel. To consolidate these exposures for effectiveness tracking in your FX program, a treasury system needs to easily integrate with these tools without any backend development or customization.


GTreasury’s Risk Management solution enables users to easily process, analyze, interpret and visualize data using a fully integrated risk reporting dashboard. It quantifies market risk sensitivities within underlying positions and supports the development of robust risk management strategies via dynamic models and stress tests.



In the world of treasury, organizations vary in size and complexity. That’s why ION offers seven unique treasury and risk management solutions, from core to enterprise, on-premises or in the cloud. One size TMS does not fit all, but one (and only one) provider does. The ION Treasury portfolio is an award-winning set of products that helps you manage liquidity of any scale, in any country, while mitigating operational, financial, and reputational risk.


FIS’ treasury management solutions include cash and risk management, hedge accounting, FX, interest rate and commodity derivative management, in-house banking and netting, managed bank connectivity, bank account management and payments for improved visibility into cash and risk.


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