Nordic Battle of Treasury: Cash flow forecasting

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Cash flow forecasting is typically a very manual process that takes quite a bit of time. Further, people sometimes question the accuracy of the forecast and thereby the usefulness of spending too much time on forecasting. In this webcast you will get a presentation of full blown TMS solutions and more niche focused solutions to give you insight on how to automate the process and increase the accuracy of your forecasting.

We will amongst other things discuss and consider:

  • How do you capture the full perspective from short to medium and long term forecasting?
  • How manual is your short term liquidity forecast?
  • Are you able to include and benefit from machine learning in your effort to improve the accuracy of your forecasting?
  • How does my TMS/stand alone system support forecasting?
  • Is your TMS/stand alone system able to consolidate all this information?

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Nordic Battle of Treasury: Cash flow forecasting

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