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Capability-driven execution

Has your business got what it takes to succeed? To make sure you can win in your current and future market, People & Organisation Consulting can assess whether there is coherence between your way to play, your capability system and your product and service fit.

A coherent company strikes a balance where the right product and service portfolio naturally thrives within a capability system consciously chosen and implemented to support a deliberate way to play within a defined market.

Every winning organisation we know has addressed a set of fundamental questions on strategy and execution. Learn more about capabilities here:

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Capability identification

Too many companies fail to identify the few cross-functional capabilities they need to excel at in order to deliver on their value proposition. Thus, functions often decide to pursue functional excellence in silos. They strive to be world-class at everything they do, often treating benchmarking as the path to success. The consequences: Their actions are disconnected from the business strategy, they spread their resources too thin and they don’t excel at anything.

People & Organisation Consulting can help you identify the cross-functional capabilities essential for your success.

Our services include:

  • Blueprinting organisational capabilities
  • Building sustainable capabilities
  • Scaling capabilities

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Executing on strategy

Instead of striving to be best-in-class in everything, functions need to focus on helping their functional organisation become coherent and ‘fit for purpose’ by changing its portfolio of activities to focus primarily on the activities that are important to the company and help drive its distinctive value proposition.

Functional leaders need to fully understand the company’s strategy and work across the organisation to align their functional capabilities with it. This approach can be a primary source of success – not just for the function, but for the company as a whole.

People & Organisation Consulting can help functional leaders take on a more strategic role while performing their day-to-day transactional and specialist tasks.

Our services include:

  • Establishing priorities in line with the company’s overall strategy and its differentiating capabilities
  • Aligning the operating model to deliver value in line with critical priorities
  • Allocating resources

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