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We believe that people are at the center of change and that lasting change does not happen by itself. Yet often times organisations start preparing their people for the coming changes at a late stage or expect their employees to simply adapt.

Too often great projects fail to mobilise their people and create a truly engaged workforce, which owns and drives the new ways of work. At PwC we enable your people to execute and embrace lasting transformation by empowering them to change their behaviour by focusing on the critical few things that drive successful results. Below is an example of the work we did with Skandia, a large Scandinavian pension’s provider.


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70% of all transformation project fail due to bad change management and change fatigue.

The Situation

Skandia was going through a large digital transformation, where a new core IT system was to be implemented and work processes were going to be changed for 200 employees. An important success criterion for Skandia was that the employees should be engaged in the transformation and future digital vision.

What we did

We applied our people-centric change management approach to assess the needs and wants of the employees. We performed a change readiness assessment, a training needs assessment, conducted stakeholder assessments, and on these grounds, we developed a strategy for implementing the new IT system tailored to the impact it would have on each department.

The Results

Skandia was able to realise the expected benefits of the digital transformation. Thanks to a successful implementation, their customer satisfaction rose, their employee engagement increased, they became more effective and as a result, their annual profits improved. In the end, the employees felt they had been part of the change journey and future vision, as they were involved in the creation of a case for change, the development process and a fun interactive learning process.

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