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Workforce capability

Does your organisation have the right workforce to meet your immediate and emerging business challenges? Do you know what skills you will need for the future of your business? And do you understand how today’s complex global environment will impact where and how you deploy your talented people?

With up to 85% of costs tied up in people, organisations need to predict their strategic and operational requirements and allocate resources accordingly. But the world is changing. The new possibilities that man and machine in collaboration bring us are almost endless and will transform the role of people at work.

We will see a rebalancing of human capital as organisations adjust. By understanding the possibilities of automation, the changing ways organisations harness the potential of human skills and the needs of the business in a changing global business landscape and throughout the employee lifecycle, we ensure organisations can find, nurture and incentivise the right, adaptable, innovative and skilled people they need for the digital age.

Strategic workforce planning

We work with you to connect the dots between your business strategy and how you align your people to deliver upon business goals, connecting talent considerations in relation to having the right people with the right skills in the right places at the right time and at the right cost.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of workforce gaps in relation to the talent strategy and planning
  • Connecting recruiting, talent development, mobility and other talent processes to the workforce plan

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Succession planning

Attracting and retaining high performers and the future leaders of an organisation require a thoughtful and proactive approach, offering those individuals rewarding development opportunities and a clear path to the next level.

Leadership and succession planning provides the tools to manage this element of the workforce and minimise risks associated with leadership roles across an organisation.

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Performance management

We believe that robust performance management can offer benefits that are critically appealing to millennial workers and other stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Creating differentiated reward and recognition outcomes and systems
  • Facilitating a culture of high performance 
  • Implementing the use of real-time feedback
  • Creating performance grids

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