Become a graduate in Risk Assurance at PwC

Assist companies in solving their most crucial problems

As a graduate in Risk Assurance at PwC, you get an exciting everyday life where you help some of Denmark’s largest companies. 

We have five different areas of expertise where we work with risk from different perspectives:

CFO Service, Digital Trust, Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Trust & Transparency.

Our tasks range wide; we assist our clients with everything from financial management, process optimization and business development to the investigation of financial crime, consultancy in sustainability, advanced data analysis, and risk management in our customers’ IT environments. 

You will become part of one the world’s largest audit and consulting firms with 2.600 employees in Denmark and globally over 328.000, who all try to make a difference every day.

"We help companies make informed decisions. The insights we can provide as an independent party are invaluable to companies in today's complex operating environment. We work with our customers in both the boardroom and the administration and help strengthen all aspects of the customer's business – from employees and results through systems and strategy to business plans and business resilience. As head of Risk Assurance, I look forward to going to work every day. I have Denmark's best colleagues, and we go to work to make a significant difference. Do you want to join our team?"

Brian Christiansen, Partner and Head of Risk Assurance

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PwC Risk Assurance can offer you

  • An exciting 1-year program

Through the program there will be focus on both professional and personal development, which provide you with a smooth transition from being a student to a full-time consultant developing their tool box.

  • Personalized career advice and sparring

You will get a career coach, who will ensure that you are working towards your personal goals during the graduate program.

  • Optional rotation

Since our graduates may have multiple areas of interest, we give everyone the option to rotate between our four different tracks - if that is your wish.

  • Unique network

You will get a unique and broad network within and outside of PwC through the onboarding trip, networking days, social and professional events, various client projects and a final graduation trip.

Kickstart your career

PwC's graduate programme in Risk Assurance aims to develop you from top student to professional consultant. Through our one-year programme, you will learn the most important skills as a consultant and develop your professional competences significantly. You will be assigned a career coach – an experienced colleague at PwC – who will help make sure that you are constantly challenged and that your career progresses as intended. Your career coach helps define and evaluate your goals and is thus an important mentor both during and after the graduate programme where you have the opportunity to specialise further, take more responsibility and choose the career direction that motivates you. At the same time, it is important that you are independent and take responsibility for your development. In PwC Risk Assurance, it is up to you to make your own career!

As a graduate in Risk Assurance you will start in one of the five tracks:

  • Digital Trust
  • CFO Service
  • Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services
  • Governance, Risk, Controls & Internal Audit
  • Trust & Transparency

At PwC, it is important to understand what your colleagues from the other tracks are working with. That is why all graduates have a unique opportunity to rotate between the tracks during the programme if they wish. At the end of the programme, you choose what suits you best.

PwC’s graduate programme

1. Onboarding
- Social events
- The PwC culture
- Development of professional competencies

2. On-the-job training
- Consultant tool box
- Networking events
- Exciting projects

3. Output
- Internal and external network
- Value creation for our clients
- Graduation trip

One course - Five different tracks:

Digital Trust

In Digital Trust, we work with a wide range of IT-related services, all focused on managing and minimizing risks and building trust. Our Digital Trust employees have diverse areas of expertise and backgrounds but are all passionate about helping our customers withstand threats to their IT security and use of IT systems.

We dive into the data and systems of some of the country's largest companies and help them deliver trust in their services through the provision of IT assurance reports and analyses. In Digital Trust, we work in the following areas:

  • Issue of IT assurance reports for the largest outsourcing companies
  • Audit and validation of IT general controls and application controls
  • GDPR advisory services and assurance work at data processors
  • Advanced data analytics to provide insight into risks
  • Segregation of duties in IT systems 
  • As an employee in Digital Trust, you must be passionate about IT and IT security and the combination of technical understanding with a business-oriented mindset.

Meet Caroline Frederiksen who started as a graduate in Digital Trust

"I thought it was a great way to start after finishing my master's degree. It allowed me to try out different types of tasks, and I could ask all the questions I needed to ask. It was also attractive to start with other recent graduates – it gave me a great network that stands together and a lot of new friends.

The graduate programme provides a good foundation. Although there’s a lot of information from the start, there’s also room for learning. And then you never feel alone as there are others who started at the same time and level as you did yourself. We also have internal graduate networking days, which can be a really good break from the busy working day.

My greatest experience was how quickly you get the opportunity to take responsibility. It’s really motivating when you are a recent graduate, and you learn a lot from it."

- Caroline Frederiksen, Manager and former graduate in Digital Trust

Caroline Frederiksen

CFO Service

CFO Service aims to be the CFO's most valuable partner. We advise our customers, deliver projects and provide interim consulting services both individually and in teams. We take an operational approach to helping our customers ensure that the right skills, processes and management tools are available and used by the finance function.

We collaborate with customers to operate, develop, and optimise their finance function, enabling it to provide an optimal basis for decision-making. Among other things, we work in the areas of:

  • Financial and business controlling as well as finance business partnering
  • Project and risk management
  • Process design and optimisation
  • Operational tasks in accounting
  • Optimisation of internal control environments
  • As a graduate in CFO Service, you must have a desire to accelerate your career as a consultant in financial management and accounting. You will get the opportunity to build a strong financial toolbox, enabling you to solve complex problems and be a relevant and trustworthy advisor to the CFO.

Meet Lars Søland who started as a graduate in CFO Service

"During my studies, I found out that I was very interested in finance business partnering and operational optimisation. At PwC, I saw an opportunity to try out these areas in a consulting environment with high demands for self-motivation and commitment. At the same time, the graduate programme offered an opportunity to start with a team of young and motivated colleagues.

From day one, the degree of learning, trust and responsibility is high. Your learning as a graduate primarily comes from on-the-job training. This means that practical experience is quickly accumulated. Simultaneously, you have the opportunity to deal with many different issues in a short time.

My greatest experience was the meeting with the culture and the social fabric in PwC. In your daily work, you are surrounded by really competent colleagues who are always willing to include you, collaborate with you and answer your questions. That way, you feel a valued part of the team."

- Lars Søland, Assistant Manager and former graduate in CFO Service

Lars Søland

Trust & Transparancy

In Trust & Transparency, we help companies create trust and transparency in a complex world. In our team, we have different skills and competencies that complement each other, and therefore we can work cross-functionally and put together the best team that matches the customers' needs for expert assistance and advice.

We quality-assure the finances of public and private construction projects and assist lawyers in fraud cases. We provide expert assistance and advice in financial crime and fraud cases, and security in commercial contracts where 2nd parties need an impartial 3rd party assessment. We help public customers to counter social dumping by finding and resolving cases of violation of the labor clause's requirements for wages and working conditions, for the employees of the private suppliers who perform work on behalf of public companies.

  • Trust & Transparency, our services can be divided into the following core areas:
  • Capital Projects & Infrastructure (consulting for construction projects, contract assurance, social dumping)
  • Forensic & compliance services (fraud investigations, whistleblower establishment, third party audits).

Meet Rebekka Makne Johansen, who started as a graduate in Trust & Transparency

“I chose to apply for a graduate position because I wanted to get hands-on experience with being a consultant. I wanted to work in something other than law and hoped to become part of an international and diverse graduate team.

For me, the graduate program was the perfect transition from study to working life. For me, the transition was professionally challenging, very social and, not least, very festive.

At PwC, we collaborate across nationalities, professions and skills. It provides an exciting learning environment and a really good atmosphere.

I am allowed to put law into practice, I acquire in-depth knowledge of risk management and I also have the opportunity to learn from skilled consultants within, among other things, sustainability, human rights, business ethics, fraud investigations etc.

In my opinion this is a “win-win-situation”.

- Rebekka Makne Johansen, Senior Associate and former graduate in Trust & Transparency

Kargoz Serbest Ozcan

Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services

In Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services, we help companies across industries with the sustainable transition and business development: From strategy to action and reporting to auditing.

We are a team consisting of employees with many different backgrounds brought together by our common interest in working with sustainability.

As a graduate in our department, you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of tasks within sustainability. Therefore, you must be passionate about working with sustainable transformation and business development to become part of Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services.

Meet Frederik Terp Knutzen, who started as a graduate in Sustainability Assurance & Advisory Services

"The graduate program was a really good opportunity to continue my learning after the studies and it provided me the perfect transition from being a student to a full-time employee. During my time as a graduate, I was allowed to try several different professional areas, which led to me finding my perfect place in Sustainability Advisory & Assurance Services.

As an employee at PwC, you get access to an enormous knowledge database in the form of highly competent colleagues, while at the same time helping to advise a large number of C25 companies from day one. I felt that within my first week, I quickly became part of a team and got the opportunity to help make a difference.

In addition, there is a team spirit at PwC, which is enormously reassuring when starting your career. You quickly get the feeling that we lift as a group and largely celebrate each other's successes. In addition, it should be mentioned that as an employee of Sustainability Advisory & Assurance Services, you get the opportunity to have tasks that contribute to a very meaningful everyday life, which I value very highly."

- Frederik Terp Knutzen, Manager and former graduate i Trust & Transparency

- -

Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit

In Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit, we help companies navigate a dynamic world characterized by increasing risks and increased requirements for governance, risk and compliance. To create success in an unpredictable environment, companies must be resilient. It is not only about standing strong, but about understanding how changing risks can affect an industry and a company, so that you can react quickly and come out stronger on the other side.

Our unique combination of business and industry insight, technical expertise and willingness to work together creates confidence to navigate risks and make the decisions that make the difference. We help companies establish data-driven and technology-supported risk management, control and compliance frameworks.

Meet Alexander Dyrvig, who works in Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit

“PwC's Risk Assurance graduate program stood out to me because I could get a one-year learning course in a global consulting company. The opportunity to step directly into a consulting role and work with challenges at some of the largest companies in Denmark under the training of experts and strong profiles served as the ideal springboard for the start of my career.

I also took advantage of the opportunity to rotate departments halfway through the course. I switched from a day-to-day in Digital Trust to Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit (GRC&IA), where I have since chosen to stay. The rotation option made it possible for me to focus on exactly the areas I found interesting, both in terms of tasks and competences.

The sparring from my managers and colleagues has helped me set a direction for my career and has thus been one of the greatest experiences during the graduate program. You are always surrounded by colleagues who want to see you grow in the roles you get the opportunity to try your hand at various customer tasks.”

- Alexander Dyrvig, Associate and former graduate in Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit

- -

As a graduate, you can learn to look around corners as an advisor

Brian Christiansen is a partner at PwC and head of Risk Assurance. In this video, he talks about the skills you develop during the graduate programme.

Get a large network already from the start of your career

Marc Viuff is a former graduate and current senior associate in CFO Service in PwC Risk Assurance. In this video, he talks about the social fabric and the possibility of career development as a graduate at PwC.

Transition from student to graduate at PwC

Frederikke Vodder is a former graduate and current senior associate in PwC Risk Assurance. In this video, she talks about the transition from student to full-time employee as a participant of PwC's graduate programme.

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What does the application process look like?

  1. When you apply to become a graduate, please upload the following documents in order for us to evaluate your application: Resume, application and grades.
  2. Interviews will take place continuously, where you will meet a representative from your department, you wish to start in.
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