VAT training for the accounts payable department

Learn about the VAT rules for goods and services purchased from Denmark and abroad.

The VAT training for the accounts payable department targets staff whose day-to-day tasks involve the treatment of VAT on goods and services purchased from Denmark and abroad and who would therefore benefit from an in-depth review of the relevant VAT rules.

The course will detail the general rules of VAT deductibility with particular emphasis on the special rules applying to certain types of expenses, including entertainment and certain staff benefits subject to statutory limitations of deductibility. Moreover, the course will take a closer look at VAT refund options abroad.

The course will also focus on special reporting obligations relating to purchases from abroad and will provide an overview of the rules applying to re-invoicing of expenses and potential problems with respect to out-of-pocket expenses. The course and handouts are en english.

Training take-aways

The training will provide you with:

  • Deep insight into the VAT rules for goods and services purchased from Denmark and abroad
  • Knowledge of different purchase invoices with and without VAT
  • Understanding of the general VAT deductibility requirements
  • Detailed knowledge of expenses subject to limited deductibility/non-deductible expenses
  • Insight into the rules applying to re-invoicing of expenses, including out-of-pocket expenses
  • Information on VAT refund options abroad
  • Insight into energy taxes, including reimbursement and electricity invoice requirements.

Training content

  • Goods and services purchased from sources in other EU countries
  • Import of goods and services – third-country purchases
  • Goods and services purchased in Denmark
  • Treatment of invoices with Danish, foreign or no VAT
  • General VAT deductibility rules for entities that are subject to VAT, fully or partly
  • Deduction of VAT relating to special expenses – e.g. vehicles, sponsorships, restaurants, etc.
  • Treatment of staff meals, including VAT on canteen services
  • VAT refund
  • Re-invoicing and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Reimbursement of electricity and water tax.

Target group

The training targets bookkeepers, controllers and staff whose day-to-day tasks involve VAT accounting in relation to goods and services purchased by the company from Denmark and abroad.

Course information

You may cancel your course registration free of charge until five weeks before the date of the course. You may also transfer your registration to another course or a colleague.

Regarding COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, Academy's courses are held with a limited number of participants. We follow the development regarding COVID-19 very carefully, and we pay extra attention to hygiene and other precautions, e.g. in connection with catering, and the participants potential plans of transportation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on tel: +45 3945 3535.

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